Today’s defense business world operates in a hyper-competitive environment. In order to make the right decisions for immediate and and long-term strategies,  information is key. However, piecing all the parts of the information puzzle can be difficult and at times misleading. Often different parts of the organization cannot agree as to which information is needed, and at what breadth and depth. This is natural since different parts of the corporate require information at different update rates and different breadths and depths.

At Pleronix we believe that information needs to flow to you. The defense world is exploding with news and articles,  and our job is to bring to you the relevant items, quickly and effectively. We trust you to connect the dots together and choose to dive into research or analyze further according to your needs.

We focus on delivering high rate large breadth information. Our philosophy is that all parts of the organization need to be provided initially with a top-down view of their business environment. We call this Business Situation Awareness, and we are the pioneers of enterprise Business Situation Awareness as a Service (BSAaaS).

Situational Awareness, a term originally coined by fighter pilots, is usually defined as: 


‘The perception of the elements in the environment within a volume of time and space, comprehension of their meaning and the projection of their status in the near future (Endsley, 1987).

Marketers, Business developers, product managers, strategy and R&D groups all need different forms of information and structure. While strategy departments will usually require in depth information and thorough analysis,  marketers need to know immediately what is happening  in their relevant business environment. To do this Pleronix disseminates information from global defense news,   tailored specifically for each person in the organization. Based either on geographical,  product-line focus, or both.

Pleronix’s research into modern defense corporates dealing with  an information intensive environments, indicates that each position in the organization needs to be acquainted with approximately 10-20 articles items per day in order to gain a good business situational awareness.  If the Competitive Intelligence (CI) group inside an organization has to cater for 100 such personnel,  they will have to  classify, prioritize and deliver 1000-2000 different articles daily. Unfortunately this is not a task  which can be performed manually.  A common mistake made by many CI groups is that they circulate a single report or information bulletin. In the case of CI it is not a “one size fits all” situation. The main consequence of such actions are that the clients will gradually stop reading the bulletins. Once the amount of irrelevant information crosses a threshold, the user will stop reading the bulletin altogether. Output content needs to differentiate on a person by person basis – almost every position in the organization needs a different slant on the acquired information.   Fortunately today, we have automated systems which can provide very good real time accurate and relevant information dissemination, by slicing and dicing the aggregate information mass, together with an analyst-in-the-loop. So in essence, the technology which has allowed for information explosion can also assist in focusing and prioritizing it –  as we do with our proprietary Algosifting™ algorithms.

Pleronix was designed to provide Situation Awarenes (SA) both for the personal level and for the corporate level. We conform to the different position in the organization like  geography based tasks such as marketers, and also to product based positions such as project managers, R&D and strategy. Each day we process hundreds of defense related articles from numerous sites in order to provide different, relevant timely and effective information to every client. This is performed through our daily mail update service which has proven itself as extremely effective in several defense organizations.