Our Subscription Services include a daily email brief which is tailored exactly to your needs by our advanced Algosifting™ algorithms and human analysts-in-the-loop.  We employ Natural Language Processing (NLP), dynamic ontologies, ranking algorithms, semantic analysis, and adaptive learning  analytics to sort and prioritize infromation. The more you use the system and click through your preferred items – the better the algorithms gets at bringing you the information you need most . 

The  daily brief is provided with relevant and prioritized links to international English language defense web sites. Up to 10 links contain your personal news which include your specific area of interest  – whether country or product based. Another 10 links provide for global news related to your interests. By clicking on interesting links you fine-tune your ranking engine and improve relevance of news items. All news items link to open source information found on the specific third party web site. Pleronix does not provide subscription based information from third party sites and services*. 

Samples of daily customer briefs containing  title links are shown below. These daily email examples were provided to subscribers on November 3, 2017 and contain Top General news brief, Special Mission Aircraft news brief,   Missile and EW brief,  Naval brief  – as an example. We can cater for news and updates for practically any niche in the defense market, such as – UAS systems, fighters, Helos , armored vehicles, guns etc. 

Special Mission Aircraft Sample
General Brief Sample
EW Brief Sample
Naval Brief Sample


  • Daily Email Briefs (basic) – Each morning (GMT) you will receive an tailored email including 10 items titles (links) to Personal News and 10 items of Global News. These titles are actually links to open source articles around the world which best fit your interests.

  • Campaign Alerts (premium) – You can define campaigns, which may include products, programs, countries or any entity, event or product of your choice. These alerts will arrive to your mailbox every evening (GMT)

  • Reports (premium) – You can request a report based on Country, entity, events, products or keywords. The report will link you to all the articles published in your field of interest.
  • Tenders (Available soon) – European Tenders (TED), NATO (NSPA), UN, FedBizOps and more. 1000’s of tenders analyzed daily based on your exact areas of interest 

Once you subscribe to one of our products, you will be approached by our analyst team. Corresponding with your assigned analyst you will detail your area of interest and the specific products, programs, and regions of interest which you have in the defense world. Once you start receiving emails just click on the links that are of interest to you and watch as you updates get more and more precise. Any time you need any adjustments or new areas of interest feel free to contact your analyst. We understand that to grasp the effectiveness of Business Situational Awareness you need some time to experience it. That’s why we are providing now with a 30 day free trial! 

  • Daily Emails
  • Campaign alerts
  • Reports
  • Defense analyst
  • Natual Language Processing (NLP)
  • Semantic Analysis
  • Dynamic Ontologies
  • Ranking Algorithms
  • Adaptive learning
Tenders Checked Daily

*All services provided under the Pleronix Terms & Conditions